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Estimator App

How many times have you underbid a job? Are you still doing in-home estimates?

Estimator APP

How many times have you underbid a job? Are you still doing in-home estimates?

Take the confusion and stress out of estimating! Our apps are formulated to quote EXACTLY like you do! No two apps are the same because no two maid service owners quote the same! Our apps are created based on the variables that YOU estimate from so keep in mind this is NOT an instant purchase. You will need to communicate with our app builder. No matter how you estimate, now you can transfer what’s in your brain into this sleek and beautiful app which allows you to quickly estimate jobs while on the go, or while doing phone estimates!


One Time Charge

Fill out the simple form and we will create your app in a snap using the openasapp.com platform. The basic app is $150. If you need a more complex app, you can schedule a consultation with our app builder at the end of your order to discuss additional features and pricing.


An app that fits how YOU work

There is not a one size fits all solution which is why each app is custom to how YOU estimate so make sure to communicate with our app builder to get it just right!


Finally give this task to someone else!

With your new estimator app, you can share access with your office staff so that you are no longer the bottleneck!

Need to Update Your App?

Whether you have issued a price increase, or changed your variables, we can update your app so that it stays current and accurate!

App updates are $25 each and have a turnaround time of 5-7 days.

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