Are things falling through the cracks? Get your forms systemized

You need certain things in place to make sure your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Things like customer guidelines, employee handbooks, etc. will ensure you have a policy for any situation that arises, so that you don’t find yourself in an “oh crap” situation. Check out the forms we have available below. They are templated so that you can simply insert your company name where necessary and boom! You are now officially organized.


Get all the internal forms you need in an organized way.


Edit our templates with the info that pertains to your business.

be at peace

Enjoy the peace of knowing you have policies to protect you!

Choose the right bundle for your business

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If you only need a few docs to finish out your library or are working on organizing on a budget, then choose the docs you want individually. Once you’ve chosen your docs from the order form and checked out, we’ll get busy getting your customized package of docs to you.

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 Save $73

Starter Bundle

This bundle includes over 40 basic communication and system documents for your business. See the full list of included docs and templates below.

Save $308

Advanced Bundle

Save BIG with our advanced bundle. This bundle allows instant access to all documents and system templates. You can see the full list of Advanced Bundle docs and templates above.

Starter vs Advanced: see what’s included

Administrative documents & templates

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Organizational Chart Template ✅ ✅
Sample Scope – Deep Clean ✅ ✅
Sample Scope – Move In/Out ✅ ✅
Dusting (Pictures, knick-knacks & Furniture) ✅ ✅
Sample Scope – Recurring ✅ ✅
Goals Workbook
(multi-step workbook for goal setting and achieving)
❌ ✅

Leads & Clients

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Client Welcome Letter ✅ ✅
Climate Control Letter ✅ ✅
Customer Guidelines – Basic ✅ ✅
New Client Service Agreement ✅ ✅
Client Guidelines – Detailed
(6 pages with 19 Guidelines)
❌ ✅
Prospect Tracker
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅

Financial Documentation & Templates

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Credit Card Authorization Form ✅ ✅
Direct Deposit Authorization Form ✅ ✅
Price Increase Letter – Covid Related ✅ ✅
Price Increase Letter – General Increase ✅ ✅
Commission Work & Answer Calculator
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅
Expense Tracker
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅
Pricing, Client Audit & Production Rate Calculator
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅

Hiring & Employee Retention

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
About Me Questionnaire ✅ ✅
Background Consent Form ✅ ✅
Cleaner Confidentiality Agreement ✅ ✅
Drug Test Authorization & Consent ✅ ✅
Employment Application ✅ ✅
Exit Interview Questionnaire ✅ ✅
New Hire Checklist ✅ ✅
Pay & Comp Offer Letter ✅ ✅
Request Off Form ✅ ✅
Voluntary Quit Form – Detailed ✅ ✅
Employee Appreciation Certificate
(includes 4 color schemes)
❌ ✅
Employee Engagement Survey – Detailed ❌ ✅
Kudos Tracker
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅
Non-Solicitation Agreement ❌ ✅

Marketing Documentations & Templates

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Sales Script – Irresistible Offer ✅ ✅
Social Media Post Planner Printable ✅ ✅
Training House Marketing Ad ✅ ✅
Email Copy -Clients
(12 Written copy – reusable email content)
❌ ✅
Email Copy – Prospects
(12 Written copy – reusable email content)
❌ ✅
Social Media Annual Planner
(Monthly planner with organization for content)
❌ ✅
Social Media Graphics – Facebook Size
(24 beautiful graphics templatized)
❌ ✅
Social Media Graphics – Instagram Size
(24 beautiful graphics templatized)
❌ ✅

Operations Documentations & Templates

Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Breakage & Damage Form ✅ ✅
Incident Report ✅ ✅
Quality Check – Deep Clean ✅ ✅
Quality Check – Move In/Out Clean ✅ ✅
Quality Check – Recurring Clean ✅ ✅
Inventory Tracker – Detailed
(includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅


Starter Bundle Advanced Bundle
Disciplinary Form ✅ ✅
Dress Code Policy ✅ ✅
Employee Handbook – Basic ✅ ✅
Equipment Policy ✅ ✅
Progressive Discipline Report ✅ ✅
Uniform Policy ✅ ✅
Employee Handbook – Detailed
(19 pages with over 30 policies)
❌ ✅
Progressive Discipline Tracker
((includes video tutorial)
❌ ✅

How many forms do you really need?

More than you realize! If you are new to the industry, there are tons of things that will come up that you haven’t even thought of! That’s why we put together the Starter Bundle to get you off on the right foot!

Been around for a while and need some next-level doc support and systems? Then the Advanced Bundle is for YOU!

When you have clear and defined policies and procedures, you won’t have to make decisions on the fly or allow anyone to take advantage of you. It is critical to get these things in place so that you don’t find yourself in an awkward or even expensive situation!