Are you having a hard time finding good applicants? Become the best company to work for in your area!

The RMMS Preferred Employer Program is unlike anything in our industry! Stand out as an amazing employer with a badge that proves it! (And btw this is 100% FREE) We all need a break in the world of hiring!

riding the struggle bus?

Here at Rescue, we know the struggle is all too real for hiring.

why is this so hard?

“We know we pay well, so why can’t we find the right people?”

please help

We created something to help you become their #1 choice!

How does it work?

It is statistically proven that first impressions set the tone for a working relationship. Proudly displaying the Rescue badge on your website will immediately set the tone for the type of employees that will be successful with your company. It shows that you care and that you take their job as seriously as they do.

The Rescue team got together with the help of other maid service owners and came up with the standards for hiring and retention that should be met to put companies in a tier above the rest. The application to become a Preferred Employer requires that you agree to meet those standards.


  • Not discriminating in accordance with anti-discrimination laws
  • Sustaining a non-hostile work environment


  • Having necessary insurances
  • Having safety and security policies in place


  • Having a thorough company training program in place
  • Providing a hassle-free way to communicate
  • Utilizing technology when possible


  • Recognition through company employee appreciation programs
  • Competitive pay for the area you are in

Attract. Retain. Repeat.

Wait, there is more

In addition to the badge, Rescue is offering a tool you can utilize to receive feedback from current employees about their job satisfaction. An option to share this form with your employees will be included in the program.

Rescue is providing this badge and optional employee feedback form at no cost. We know how hard hiring is right now and we want to help improve your odds to ensure your success! Simply apply below to be a part of this amazing program!


RMMS preferred Employer Badges
(to place on your website)

Employee Feedback Form
(can be utilized for job satisfaction)

Employee feedback automatically sent to you when completed.

Peace of mind knowing you are positioned as a preferred employer