Additional Support for your training system

Congratulations on registering your employee for the Cleaning Tech Bootcamp! You are one step closer to training bliss. If your system isn’t thoroughly put together yet and you need some supporting documentation for the program, check out the document add-ons we offer.

If you have previously purchased the document add-ons and cannot find them, email us at support@rescuemymaidservice.com and we’ll help you locate them.

Cleaning Tech Bootcamp Course Manual $65

This pdf formatted manual reflects the lessons in the videos. While most people learn and retain visually, others may better retain the lessons learned when reading along.

Cleaning Tech Bootcamp Course Document Template Bundle $35

Bundle of 22 supporting training documents. The bundle is not required for the course but is recommended if you do not have a good training system in place just yet.

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  • Core Concepts Printable
  • CTB Employee Handbook
  • Employee Check-In Form
  • Employee Training Tracker
  • Incident Report
  • Job Description – CT Trainee
  • Job Description – CT Post Probation
  • Job Description – CT Team Lead
  • Never Evers List
  • Owner Supplemental Checklist
  • Quality Check Form – Deep Clean
  • Quality Check Form – Move In/Out Clean
  • Quality Check Form – Recurring Clean
  • Residential Timing Goals
  • Safety Meeting Training Topics
  • Sample Scope – Deep Clean
  • Sample Scope – Move In/Out Clean
  • Sample Scope – Recurring Clean
  • Training Program Evaluation Form
  • Work Order Creation Guidelines
  • Work Order Sample

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