Thank you for signing up for our website care!

We are super excited to take care of your website. In order for us to get started, you will have to grant us access to your website. Our website developer, Tijana, will reach out to you in the next 2 business days. Sometimes our emails get lost, so don’t forget to check your SPAM folder in case you don’t see her email!

In the meantime, in order for her to proceed, you will have to grant her access to your website.
If you have never done this, let us guide you through it:

  1. Login to your WordPress website
  2. In the left sidebar, find the Users tab
  3. Click on Add New and set the following:

username: tijana
email: tijana@rescuemymaidservice.com
passwordlet the system generate it
role: administrator

She will confirm if everything went through as it should with her access.
If you have any questions, you can always reach out to Tijana.