Pricing Workshop

If you struggle with any of the following:

🤨 Underbidding or Overbidding Jobs

💰 Not Having Enough Money for Payroll

#️⃣ Not Knowing Important Numbers

Our pricing workshop might be just what you need!

What’s Included?


Includes 30 days of student support. If you get stuck our team can jump in and help.


Tools & Resources

Includes all of the templates, worksheets, articles, and action items you need.


Work at your own pace. Don’t feel rushed. Includes lifetime access to the course.

Become a Pricing Master Today!


Why Pricing Is Important

Sign You Aren't Charging Enough

Auditing Your Charge - Know Thy Numbers

Take Action - Know Thy Numbers

Auditing Your Current Clients

Take Action - Client Audit

Price Increases

Take Action - Price Increases

Take Action - Price Increase Notices

Common Formats Intro

Formats - By the Room

Formats - Per Square Foot

Formats - Hourly

Formats - Per Job/Flat Rate

Calculating Rates Intro

Calculating Rates - By the Room

Calculating Rates - Square Foot

Calculating Rates - Hourly

Calculating Rates - Per Job/Flat Rate

Worksheet Tutorial

Other Considerations Intro

Defining Your Scopes

Take Action - Creating/Editing Your Scopes

Determining & Communicating Your Caveats

In Home Estimates VS. Phone Estimates

Other Workshop Resources

Conversion Rate Tracker


New Client Service Agreement

Production Rate Worksheet


Phone Estimate Sales Script 1

Client Audit Worksheet

Know Thy Numbers Worksheet


Phone Estimate Sales Script 2


Price Increase Template


Cleaning Scopes X 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access?

There is no expiration on access for the course, but you will only have 30 days of support if you need help with any of the Take Action homework assignments.

Do you offer refunds on this course?

All workshop sales are final. Since we do not drip the content and resources to you over time, you have access to the entire course and all tools immediately after purchase.

How do I request support for the course?

In the very last lesson is a form linked below the video to submit a request for support that will take you to a calendar to book a support call.

What software will I need for the workshop?

The worksheets are built in Google Sheets, so we do highly recommend having a Google account. However, you should be able to transfer the worksheets to other table software, but support for the sheets is only for them in their native-built software (Google Sheets).

Is this similar to the live workshop?

Yes with a few additions and some extra tools. Since the demand was so high for the workshop, but not everyone works at the same pace, we decided to evergreen it.

What if I have more questions?

Just shoot us an email at support@rescuemymaidservice.com and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have.