Are you having a hard time finding the perfect job? We are committed to our employees!

As part of the RMMS Preferred Employer Program, our maid service is committed to providing a team environment that is head and shoulders above the rest! We treat our employees like family and recognize how valuable you are!

want better pay?

We offer competitive wages for the hard work you do!

want to enjoy your job?

We are a drama-free company that promotes a positive team culture!

want to grow with us?

We offer ongoing training so that you are confident in your skills!

What is the RMMS Preferred Employer Program?

We know how hard our technicians work and we LOVE them for all they do! That’s why we are a part of the RMMS Preferred Employer Program.

What this means is that we offer competitive pay, ongoing training, safety and security, and a positive team environment!

This program allows us to show how serious we are about finding the perfect fit for our company and making sure they LOVE where they work!

How does it work?

No catch! We really do care about our employees this much! We want you to be successful with our company. We really do care and take your job as seriously as you do.

As a member of this program, we satisfy the following qualifications:


  • Not discriminating in accordance with anti-discrimination laws
  • Sustains a non-hostile work environment


  • Has a thorough company training program in place
  • Provides a hassle-free way to communicate
  • Utilizes technology when possible


  • Has necessary insurances
  • Has safety and security policies in place


  • Recognition through company employee appreciation programs
  • Competitive pay for the service area