Meet The Rescue Team

Meet the incredible group of maid service owners and industry experts who make up our amazing team! These passionate individuals live and breathe the maid service industry. From automation aficionados to marketing and design wizards to systems and training, we’re the industry’s dream team of mentors and advisors.

No matter how daunting your struggles may seem, know that you’re never alone. We’re here with solutions for you. We get it – the journey can feel lonely sometimes, but we’re here to be your compass, guiding you through every twist and turn.

The One thing that binds us all together… 

Our unwavering affection for this industry and the remarkable people within it. We’re not just a team; we’re a community fueled by our shared passion.


Courtney is an exceptionally dedicated and passionate leader in the cleaning industry. Her industry journey started with ZenMaid, but her Rescue journey began when she identified a critical need for technological innovation within the industry. This need prompted her to establish Rescue My Maid Service to offer services around the tech and automation side of the business. Courtney is deeply committed to assisting maid service owners in achieving their objectives by leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions. She is one of the advisors providing Digital Optimization calls. She is a ClickUp Vetted Consultant and has also become a regular speaker at the annual Maid Service Success Summit, but her biggest accomplishment by far, was guiding the team during the creation of Rescue’s cleaner training program, the Cleaning Tech Bootcamp.

chaos coordinator, maid service advisor

Meet Sandi, Chaos Coordinator at Rescue. With a passion for bringing order to the chaos, Sandi plays a pivotal role in supporting owners on their journey to success. As the mentor behind Rescue’s Roadmap calls and one of the maid service advisors for Rescue’s Digital Optimization calls, Sandi guides maid service owners through the labyrinth of challenges, helping them carve a clear path to their goals. A true pillar of support, Sandi extends her expertise across all of Rescue’s courses, ensuring that every learning experience is seamless and valuable. With an eye for strategy, she aligns what Rescue offers with the needs of the industry. Sandi’s multifaceted role at Rescue promises unwavering support and guidance on your journey to success.

SEO & website designer

Tijana is the website designer behind Rescue’s stunning online landscapes and the head of our Website Care plans. With a wealth of experience, Tijana crafts digital realms that perfectly reflect the essence of cleaning businesses. For years, she has been using her design magic to create websites that not only captivate but also empower cleaning business owners in the virtual world. With an intuitive understanding of the industry, she crafts websites that speak to the unique needs of cleaning business owners. From seamless navigation to captivating visuals, Tijana’s websites are the embodiment of professionalism and excellence.

Social Media Graphic Designer

Jaime Werner is a visionary social media graphic designer specializing in crafting compelling visual narratives for cleaning business owners. With an inherent flair for design and a deep understanding of the cleaning industry, Jaime curates scroll-worthy graphics that resonate within the digital realm. By seamlessly blending aesthetics with the unique demands of cleaning businesses, Jaime’s designs not only catch the eye but also spark meaningful engagement. From showcasing pristine spaces to highlighting eco-friendly practices, Jaime’s artistry brings cleanliness to life in every pixel. Elevate your cleaning brand’s online presence with designs that mirror your mission.

google ads specialist

Brad is the driving force behind Rescue’s Google Ads success stories. With a knack for navigating the digital marketing realm, Brad is your go-to Google Ads specialist, harnessing the power of online advertising to amplify the visibility and growth of cleaning businesses. Brad understands the intricacies of reaching the right audience at the right time. With a wealth of experience and a finger on the pulse of industry trends, Brad crafts campaigns that convert clicks into customers.

app builder, Maid service advisor

Founder Rub-A-Dub Scrub, Severance, CO

Within Rescue, Lisa is the creator and math wizard for our Estimator Apps customized for our clientele. Aside from working magic with the spreadsheets, Lisa was also one of our valuable instructors at the 2023 Virtual Tech and Automation Circuit, helping provide numerous owners with the knowledge they need to digitize their businesses. Lisa’s technology understanding and ability to teach others are only rivaled by her quick-witted sense of humor that the Rescue Team couldn’t live without.

DSB Coach, Maid Service Advisor

Founder Sparkling Homes Cleaning Service, Albertville MN

In addition to her thriving maid service venture in Minnesota, Michelle stands out as an influential advisor within the Rescue community and an integral member of the ZenMaid Team. Infused with infectious enthusiasm and an unparalleled spirit of generosity, Michelle’s profound expertise in the industry positions her as a cherished advisor among her peers. Her impactful guidance has touched the lives of countless cleaning business owners, spanning topics ranging from motivation and automation to the intricacies of efficient scheduling.

Maid Service Advisor, Resource Creator

Founder Your Clean Break, Atlanta, GA

In addition to her thriving business ventures, Kesha plays a vital role within the Rescue Team. Leveraging her expertise in accounting and extensive experience, Kesha has steered numerous proprietors towards automation and digital infrastructure. She is the brain behind the Know Thy Numbers calculator, a complimentary resource we offer in the Rescue Hub. Aligned with her colleagues, Kesha is committed to assisting cleaning business owners by furnishing them with pertinent tools and resources through Rescue, ultimately guiding them on their journey.

Maid Service Advisor, Review Strategist

Cofounder GPower Cleaning Services, Ontario Canada

Angelica, affectionately known as Gels, discovered the path to Rescue through a transformative course she undertook to fortify the digital backbone of her booming cleaning business, co-founded with her husband. Our hearts were instantly captured by her sparkling wit, contagious laughter, and unwavering authenticity. Embracing her dual responsibilities within the Rescue Team as an adept advisor and her integral role at NiceJob, Gels has emerged as a guiding light for numerous business owners. Her expertise in automation, astute review management, and dedicated support has been a beacon of assistance and insight for countless individuals.