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Relying on feedback for our services is a big part of how we operate, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cleaning business owners also want a way to look at the feedback on the different industry courses that are available. The problem has always been that you had to rely on individual course pages from several sites to be able to look at the data, which is of course, one-sided. Well, Rescue thought it was time to publish the real data from real owners that have taken these courses so that you could get accurate feedback about their experiences.


How are results gathered?

Results are gathered via a digital form that is stored in Typeform. Each rating question on the form is then configured based on the review from each person and given an average rating. The graphic on the site is updated quarterly to reflect any new submissions.

How are survey questions chosen?

The Rescue Team looked at the various Facebook posts from recent years and consolidated a list based on what type of information our peers were looking to gather about each course and built the questionnaire based on those results along with determining factors for purchase such as price and outcome.

Why aren’t coaches included in the feedback results?

There are many great coaches and mentors out there. Rescue wanted to tally information that was specific on lessons taught and knowledge gained and the data is easier to pull when everyone has had the same lessons taught to them. A coach may teach a different strategy to one student than another based on their business design.

How often are results updated?

Results are updated quarterly throughout the year.

How can a course provider challenge the results?

Results are compiled anonymously from our peers and we have no way to offer the opportunity to challenge someone’s feedback.

How do I make a suggestion to add a question or course to the survey?

You can make a suggestion or request an edit by completing this form.

Is there anywhere to review comments that were made in the survey?

Currently, there is not. While the option to give a written opinion was given, we realized there was no way to fairly convert that to data for the results, unlike the ratings requested for the questionnaire. 

Must I have taken all the courses to provide feedback?

No. The review questionnaire is set up so that you provide feedback only on the courses that you have taken.

Does the graphic relay every question asked on the questionnaire?

Yes, however, they are abbreviated (for space) on the graphic. If you would like to view the questions in full, please check out the button for contributing data and it will take you directly to the survey.