Because growing your maid service doesn't have to be hard.

The Rescue team is comprised of 7 maid service owners from the US and Canada plus other industry experts. The one thing we all agreed on was that this industry desperately needed a program that ACTUALLY worked for them. Our team has coached literally thousands of maid service owners and we knew we had to create something to help all maid service owners succeed, no matter their size.

This is such a game changer! I finally feel like I have something spectacular for my new hires and a system that is so simple to implement! All the documents that are included as well as the owner training videos put this training course over the top! THANK RESCUE TEAM- WELL DONE!

Dina Maccarone

I Just Finished the Cleaning Tech Bootcamp and omg im so excited to start using this!!! I LOVE it. We have been using speed cleaning and i love this 100 times better. Thank you Guys for your hard work putting this together! Every Cleaning business owner needs to sign up its going to make training so much easier.

Kayla Terry

Woot, woot! We are LOVING it so far!

Alicia Wilson

I have been using Cleaning Business Nation as a piece of my training now for 6 weeks and have put 4 new employees through it. I have been able to successfully reduce my training time from 2 weeks to 1 week. The videos are top quality, and in usual Rescue My Maid style, full of useful information that is easy to understand, and fun! These video’s reflect my business perfectly. Thank you Courtney and team, you did it again!

Kate Sloan

We are so excited to be using this system. Thank you for all you guys are doing for us.

Deborah Woodard

Exactly what I needed for my employees and business I’m loving everything!! Thank you so much to everyone for your time and effort on creating this game changer!

Leah Elizabeth

I cannot thank Cleaning Business Nation enough for helping get my training on track. I never had a real system for training and it was starting to show. These videos also taught me stuff as the owner and the resources have been the absolute best part to help implement it! Thank you thank you thank you!

Megan Fraser

I love how it trains the employees but I mostly love how it helps me be a better employer!

Carrie Cottrell

The WHY behind it all

It started as a Rescue Team project to bring new cleaner training to the industry but ended up being the thing that brings us all together as owners. Since the Rescue Team is comprised of mostly maid service owners, we realized we needed to offer more for owners than just the cleaner training.

How we did it

Over the course of a year, the team focused on what owners really needed. We collaborated over many hours of zoom calls and discussions with maid service owners to outline a program that will better serve our industry. We dug in tight to the idea of having something different since the world we live in is so different now from what it used to be.

So what is CBN?

Cleaning Business Nation is a subscription membership that comes with access to the highly-anticipated Cleaning Tech Bootcamp along with SO many other resources. Our Basic level plan comes with unlimited access to the cleaning course, the supporting documents folder for the course, and the Owner Growth Training Library. Each owner receives an owner portal where everything they need access to, is housed. 

Owners looking for cleaner training AND testing can go with our mid-level Pro plan that includes everything in Basic plus unlimited access to the CTB Exam (that is automatically graded for you) and Certificate of Completion. This level also gives our members access to our CBN Partner Network where we have exclusive deals from our trusted partners, just for our members.

If you’re an owner looking for like-minded people to troubleshoot and problem solve with you, our Premium level comes with access to our Business Support group where the entire Rescue team is just a message away in addition to all the other perks of the program.

Tell me more please!

The Cleaning Tech Bootcamp is the crown jewel of CBN. CTB solves so many of the issues we all ran across while training. It is modern and easy to watch. It does not recommend any specific cleaning products. It is straight to the point and won’t waste payroll dollars when you put your techs through it. It is recorded in a simple, easy-to-follow format. It is priced so that all maid services can afford to have high-level professional training at Rescue prices. It teaches them the concepts of cleaning that we all go by, and then directs them to you for the specific tools, products and scopes. It comes with everything you will need as the owner to get it implemented immediately. One of the best things about CTB is that it is not priced per cleaner. It is unlimited and can be used for every new hire no matter how big you grow! Check out the video below to see more!

Only the best for your business

Course Outline

  • Welcome Video
  • CTB Manual
  • Technician Course Note Sheets
Module 5
  • What Not To Do
  • Professional Dusting Overview
  • Furniture
  • Other Surfaces
  • Common Rooms
  • Bedrooms
Module 1
  • What Not To Do

  • Core Concepts

  • Ethics

  • Safety

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Room Prep and Workflow

Module 6
  • What Not To Do
  • Flooring Overview
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
Module 2
  • What Not To Do
  • Scopes of Service
  • Work Orders
  • Deep Clean
  • Recurring Clean
  • Move In/Out Clean
Module 7
  • Add On Overview
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Refrigerator Cleaning
  • Hand-Washing Blinds
  • Hand-Washing Baseboards
  • Interior Windows
Module 3
  • What Not To Do
  • Bathroom Overview
  • Toilet
  • Vanity
  • Tub and Shower
Module 8
  • Quality Overview
  • Quality Checks
Module 4
  • What Not To Do
  • Kitchen Overview
  • Stainless Steel
  • Appliances
  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Image Capture Training
  • The Little Things

For a more in-depth look at everything included in Cleaning Business Nation and the Cleaning Tech Bootcamp, check out the video below and pop any questions you have in the chat on the bottom right!

In true Rescue fashion

We wanted to over-deliver, which is why we nestled the Cleaning Tech Bootcamp inside of the CBN Membership. As a member of CBN, you can choose from three different levels that include SO much stuff on top of access to CTB! Check out the different levels below to see what you get in each, and of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pop in the chat bubble on the bottom right!

Only the best for your business



Do I need the highest level of CBN?

Only if you are still in the creation and strategy phase of building your maid service. The Premium level will give you access to a group of people ready to help you when you need it!

What is the Owner Growth Training Library?
A collection of 20 video trainings (and growing) about TONS of different topics that will help you grow as an entrepreneur and as a person! They were filmed by tons of industry and business experts specifically for the Rescue family. Each video is 30 min – 1 hour so grab some popcorn and wine and start binging!
Who are the CBN partners?
Our Partner Network consists of people and companies that the Rescue Team knows and trusts! We use them and love them, and now you can too with a sweet CBN Member deal offered by each! 
What is the CBN Support Server?
This is a Discord server (which is very much like Slack) that is a safe space for you to ask all your burning questions as you build your maid service. This is NOT a place for drama, trolls, or sharing breakfast photos. It is a place you know you can go at any time to get expert advice from the Rescue Team and others when you need it, even if you have to share your screen to explain it!
Is there a contract for CBN membership?
Absolutely not! You can cancel at any time, although we hope you only continue to grow!
Can I change my subscription level?
You can upgrade levels at any time by contacting our team in the chat bubble on the bottom right or emailing support@rescuemymaidservice.com 
Can I request a refund if I no longer want to be a member?
Monthly subscription plans are non-refundable and can be canceled any time inside of your Thinkific account to prevent future billing. To request a refund of an annual plan, please email support@rescuemymaidserice.com.


Does it cost per cleaner?
Nope! That’s one of the best parts about CTB! No matter how many cleaners you gain or lose, their training is unlimited in our program!
Will employees have their own log-in?

Yes! When you are ready to put a cleaner through the training, you will submit a quick form and they will automatically get an email with their unique link to login.

How can I track progress?

You can sign into their portal at any time to see their progress throughout the course.

Can I delete or hide lessons?
You can’t delete or hide lessons, but if any don’t apply to you, you can let them know to skip those ahead of time.
How long will the prep take before I introduce this to my employees?
This depends on how much of a training system you already have in place. If you are brand new, it will take you longer due to needing to create things from our templates. If you are seasoned, it will take a few hours for you to go through it all and just verify any differences within your maid service.
What do I need to do on my end to implement the course into my training?
We recommend watching ALL the course videos to ensure they align with your maid service. After that, you will go through the Printables folder, copy what you need over to your drive and adjust any info necessary before printing them out.
Can my trainer facilitate getting employees into videos?
You can absolutely send them the link to the form to add an employee on their end.
Does the course include training for trainers?
Not this course BUT that’s our next project!
Do they have to be in-person to watch videos?
Nope! They can watch them from anywhere once they have their email with the login information.
Does it matter how my in-field training is structured?
Not at all! Everyone does this differently, so we structured it in a way that you can determine which videos they watch and when.
How long is the whole course?
The total run time of the course is a little under 2 hours and the exam should take about 15-20 minutes.
Can I access the course without enrolling in Cleaning Business Nation?
No. CTB is only available to CBN members.
What are the CTB Printables?
This is a magic Google Drive folder absolutely FULL of everything you need to roll out your new and improved training system without a hitch!

Tell me about the exam…

How long is the exam?
The exam is 100 multiple choice and true/false questions.
What kind of questions are on the exam?
The questions in the exam come directly from the course videos.
Does the exam have to be done in person?
You can send an employee the link to the exam off site, but it is recommended that they do it in person.
Can the exam be given in print?
The exam is only available digitally due to the automatic grading and notifications of the score results system built for it.
What score is considered passing for the exam?
Your call! You will see how many points they got out of 100, so you can decide what you will accept as a passing score.
Is there a certification for the exam?
Yes! You will find this certificate in your Owner Portal.
Does it matter how my in-field training is structured?
Not at all! Everyone does this differently, so we structured it in a way that you can determine which videos they watch and when.
How long is the whole course?
The total run time of the course is a little under 2 hours and the exam should take about 15-20 minutes.
Can I access the course without enrolling in Cleaning Business Nation?
No. CTB is only available to CBN members.
Is there a manual to go with the course?
Yes! The CTB manual is located inside your Printables folder and covers every aspect of the course page by page.
What are the CTB Printables?
This is a magic Google Drive folder absolutely FULL of everything you need to roll out your new and improved training system without a hitch!